The Art Of Engineering

Inventions or designs do not appear out of the blue,
they are the final result of an intelligent mix of knowledge and technologies,
to meet needs or to solve a quest.
The creative process that turns these abstract ideas into concrete solutions is "THE ART OF ENGINEERING"

Keystone Technologies is a specialist in customized Audiovisiual- & Light Solutions, designed to integrate the most effective technology that meets your specific needs

We work with leading lighting designers, specifiers and architects to transform architectural, retail, and themed environments through Audiovisuals and lighting.


We offers clients a full service from conception, through specification to supply, integration, programming and system commissioning.

Over the past years Keystone Technologies has worked on architectural, retail and hospitality projects including The LEX-2000 (PHILIPS), The Rijksmuseum (PHILIPS), Turnhout 2012, Pont Atlas Liege (Yvan Paque), RTBF Liege (PHILIPS) VoKa Limburg (Mevipro) etc.

The company’s portfolio of AV projects is equally as impressive, having provided AV-control for customers such as  Mevipro NV, Yacht Reborn, ULG Liege, Cofimbra SA, Genzyme etc.

Keystone Technologies provides the highest quality LED fixtures, controls and AV-accessories from manufacturers including Philips Color Kinetics, Phoenix Contact, CP-Electronics, Philips Dynalite, Green Hippo, Pharos Controls, Coolux, Lutron, Crestron, Extron, Dell, HP etc.

The company can also provide a dedicated technical service who is able to support projects with everything from installation and integration to programming and system commissioning.