Design & commissioning

Keystone Technologies is an authority
 in the field of creation sophisticated, simple, reliable and energy-efficient lighting control solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, including residential, custom installation, offices, etail, hospitality and public spaces.
Rather than just providing products, we look for the needs of clients and offer then an and-to-end intelligent lighting control system that cover those needs.

Substantial and spectacular

Architainment Lighting is the combination of Architectural and Entertainment.
Architecture lighting has become an experience for observers, breathing life into buildings or monuments and highlighting their architectural features.
The challenge with architainment lighting is to create intense colored lighting effects over large areas with a touch of entertainment.
Keystone Technologies uses the latest technologies to to control, interact and to put extra focus on your project. Whether it is colors changing, leds on the walls, lights on the roof, we can design and implement it for you.
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3G, WLAN, LAN or internet

Starting a lightshow on a bridge in de middle of nowhere, monitoring the lights of your house on vacation,
getting a message when the fuse of your system is out and more of these things that you can think off.

This all is possible by M2M-communication.
Keystone Technologies can deliver a system that will cover your needs and is protected by passwords or VPN-tunneling.

Design & System Control

Good integration is not just simply duplicating a hand full of remotes on a fancy touch panel,
it involves providing one touch control, automation of tasks, and may even involve recognising that you are in the room and setting things to the way you like them.
Want to be able to control or monitor from the office or the other side of the world? We can do that too, and more.
We offer consultation with clients requiring sound and video system design, with full integration and control of the entire system.
Keystone Technologies provide a full service for you from the development of specifications and project documentation to project management, installation and commissioning.
We have access to a wide variety of products which enables us to source the best choice of equipment to fulfil your needs and do what you want.